Highlight of Central Japan 9D6N


Highlight of Central Japan

Seasonal Scenery
Atom, Route Snow Wall (We May 8 Jun departure only)

Unique Experience
Colurful Yukata Wearing Experience at Gero Onsen Making of traditional Gnu Mascot Sarubobo

Sightseeing & Shopping Experience
Majestic Nagoya Castle Oski Cannon Temple & Shoppng arcade Higashi-chaya district at Kanazawa Shopping at Nawate Street Odaiba shopping malls in Tokyo City

Special Gourmet Delights
Enjoy sumptuous Japanese muheccurse dinner kaiselo or tartlet at Ryokan
Total 3 meals are worth average over SGD$80 per day

Hotel/Ryokan Stay
Central locations in cities and Japanese Onsen in Gero & Kawaguchiko.

TEL: 65950600
ION Opening Hour
From 11:00am – 20:00pm daily
(Last enquiry @ 19:30pm)
Basic Information
Tour date: 10, 31 Jul, 2015 Tour fare: From S$2788 Tax & Fuel surcharge: S$410
Departs Singapore Visits: Nagoya, Takayama, Shirakawago,
Kanazawa, Toyama, Alpine Route,
Kawaguchiko, Tokyo
Duration: 9 Days
Req. per Booking2 – 20 guests Req. to Run Tour2 guest(s) Guide: English speaking guide inculed


Assemble at Changi Airport for Check In


Singapore – Nagoya – Gero 新加坡 – 名古屋 – 下呂温泉
Ogawaya or Yunoshimaken or similar /Japanese Room tohoku-small-icon
Upon arrival, we will start our Journey at Nagoya. Visit Nagoya Castle (名古屋城), built in the beginning of Edo Period. Situated In the center of the city, this castle also contains a modern museum that exhibits the castle’s history. You will start having local’s favorite food for lunch. After lunch, visit the classic Japanese pagoda styled Osu Kannon temple (大須観音). This Buddhist temple houses a wooden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, which is an instrumental figure in Japanese Buddhism. There after, take a stroll along the shopping arcade at Osu (大須商店街). Famous among tourists, this shopping arcade is a great place to buy traditional Japanese clothing and wares. Continue your journey to Gero Onsen Town (下呂温泉). Gero Onsen is one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan. With loot baths scattered throughout town, you can soak in hot spring water virtually anytime and anywhere. You also get to wear Colorful Yukata, a traditional garment that Is similar In style to kimono, during your stay. Pamper yourself in an onsen within the hotel tonight. Tonight, enjoy Kaiseki, a sumptuous traditional multi-course Japanese dinner (Kaiseki Dinner with Hida Beef).


Gero Onsen – Takayama Shirakawago – Kanazawa 下呂温泉 – 高山 – 白川郷 – 金沢
Kanazawa Miyako Hotel or Hotel Resol Trinty Kanazawa Of similar / Western Room
After breakfast, proceed to Takayama (高山). Known as ‘Little Kyoto’, it is a historic neighbourhood of 19th-century merchants’ houses that is ideal for strolling. Visit Takayama Morning Market, one of the biggest morning market in Japan. Most stands sell local crafts and farm products such as vegetables, pickles and flowers. Stroll around Kami-Sannomachl (上三之町) which still survives in a particularly pretty state with many old home, shop and coffee houses. Next, experience Sarubobo Making. Sarubobo means Monkey baby is the mascot of Hida Region. In ancient times grandmas and mothers made Sarubobo for the youngsters hoping for happiness and good health. After lunch, continue your journey to Shirakawago (白川郷). Declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. Shirakawago is famous for their traditional gassho-zukuri farm houses, some of which are more than 250 years ago. After that, dinner at local restaurant.


Kanazawa-Toyama 金沢 – 富山
ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel or Toyama Excel Hotel or Apa Hotel or similar /Western Room
This morning. visit Kenrokuen garden (兼六園) classified as one of Japan’s “three most beautiful landscape gardens”. Thereafter, proceed to Omicho Market (近江町市場) which has been Kanazawa’s largest fresh food market since the Edo Period.
Alter lunch, transfer to Higashi-chaya district. Chaya is a traditional place of feasts and entertainment where geisha (traditional female Japanese entertainers) have been entertaining people since the Edo period. The Higashi Playa d strict are places where you can become acquainted with Japanese history and culture.
For 29 May departure, you will have chance to visit Sanno Festival. The Sanno festival was the festival for the tutelary gods who protect the castle town of Toyama in the feudal period and flourished as the main festival of the Ode castle town. Even now, numerous staffs are lined up near the shrine and various events are held In the pedestrianised area.
004-kenrokuen garden-new


Toyama – Alpine Route – Matsumoto 富山 -立山黒部アルペンルート- 松本
Matsumoto Marunouchi or Hotel Buena Vista or similes /Western Room
Leave for the Tateyama Kurobe Japan Alpine Route (立山黒部アルペンルート) this morning. This Is a unique and marvelous route through the Northern Japan Alps which is tranversed by various means of transportation including cablecars, trolley buses and a ropeway. Be mesmerized by the magnificent New of the Tateyama Mountain Range, as well as the majestic Yukino-Otani (Great Snow Wall) (雪の大谷), whose snow walls can reachh up to 20 meters high! Witnessing this beautiful nature will surely be an unforgettable experience. (For Apr to Jun only). Transfer to Matsumoto (松本) and enjoy dinner at your hotel tonight.
005-kurobe dam-new02


Matsumoto – Fuji area – Kawaguchiko 松本 – 富士 – 河口湖
Hotel Regina Kawaguchiko of similar /Western Room tohoku-small-icon
This morning, leave for sightseeing at Matsumoto. Let one of Japan’s most complete and beautiful castle enthrall you. Matsumoto Castle (松本城), as a ‘hirajiro’, is a caste built on plains rather than on a hill or mountain. The castle structure, with its black facade, gives off an air of grandeur and poise. Next, stroll around Nawate Street (縄手通り). It is a canal-ide street featuring small shops and restaurants, and Nakamachl, a merchant district, with well-preserved former warehouses. Move on to Oshino Hakkai (忍野八海). It is made up of eight spring water ponds. The water is melted snow water that comes from Mt Fuji. You can also enjoy the Mt. Fuji View there 11 the weather is good.


Kawaguchiko – Kawagoe – Tokyo 河口湖 – 川越 – 東京
Hotel Gand Pacific Le Daiba or similar /Western Room
This morning, take a stroll along the Kawagoe Old Town (川越). Its main street, lined with Kurazukuri (clay-walled warehouse-styled) buildings, retains an ambience reminiscent of an old town from the Edo Period and allows you to imagine the streets from past centuries. After lunch, transfer to Tokyo (東京) for hotel check-in. Odaiba area offers shopping, entertainment, culture and dining options. You may also enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort ® which is just 30min away! Spend the rest or the day as you wish.


Tokyo Singapore 東京 – 新加坡
Spend the day at your own pace in Tokyo. Perhaps you would want to do some last minute shopping or try your favourite Japanese food once more. Bid farewell to Tokyo this evening as we depart for Singapore. We hope that you have enjoyed this vacation with JTB and we look forward to helping you create your next Perfect moments, always


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TEL: 65950600
ION Opening Hour
From 11:00am – 20:00pm daily
(Last enquiry @ 19:30pm)