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Kyushu Discovery

Special Events
Huis Ten Bosch Firework Display for Sep Departure Karatsu, Kunchi Festival for 3 Nov Departure “Optional”

Seasonal Scenery
Koma Kogen Cosmos Viewing

Unique Experience

  • 40min PRIMATE ONSEN SESSION @ Hirado hotel
  • Sand bath at Ibusuki Hakusuikan
  • Kujukushima Cruise
  • Yanagawa River Cruise
  • Bullet train from Kurume to Ibusuki

Hotel Stay

  • Central Locations in cities
  • Japanese Onsen Ryokan at Hirado & Ibusuki

Free Wifi Router Rentall (per room base)

TEL: 65950600
ION Opening Hour
From 11:00am – 20:00pm daily
(Last enquiry @ 19:30pm)
Basic Information
Tour date: 24 Sep, 17 Oct, and 3 Nov, 2015 Tour fare: From S$3188 Tax & Fuel surcharge: S$390
Departs Singapore Visits: Karatsu, Hirado, Nagasaki, Ibusuki, and Miyazaki Duration: 8 Days
Req. per Booking2 – 20 guests Req. to Run Tour2 guest(s) Guide: English speaking guide inculed


Assemble at Changi Airport for Check In


Singapore -Fukuoka Airport – Karatsu – Hiradoi 新加坡 – 福岡空港 – 唐津 – 平戸
Hirado Kaijo Hotel or similar tohoku-small-icon

Ocean View Room

Upon landing at Fukuoka Airport, transfer to Karatsu (唐津). Located at the Saga Prefecture of Kyushu, Karatsu City is surrouded by the Genkai sea and mountain, with beautiful nature and fresh seafood in abundance. Visit Kagamiyama Observatory (鏡山展望所) which offers excelent vantage point for surveying the heart of Karasu as well as the ocean beyond. Have lunch at a local restaurant at Yohoku (Yobuju Squid). After lunch, visit Karatsu Exhibition Hall to view beautiful floats that are lovingly maintained by generations and used at the famous, over-400-years-old Karatsu Kunchi Festival. These floats come in various forms – from samurai heads to koi fish and dragons a or other fantastical creatures — and made from wood, lacquer and other materials. Next, visit the symbol of Karatsu City, the Karatsu Castle (唐津城).Precious folk culture and history colections are exhibited hare. Moreover, the view of a pine grove seen from the castle is amazing. Transfer to Hidaro (平戸). Nagasaki (長崎) for hotel check-in and diner (Hirado Flounder). You can pamper yourself in the Onsen within the hotel
For 3 Nov Group:
Upon arrival, transfer to Marinoa City Outlet Mall, the largest outlet mall in Kyushu. Facing to the sea, the scenery there is superb. You can enjoy shopping or just take a seat and relax there.
4 Nov is the last day of Karatsu Kunchi Festival. You can join the Optional Tour (SGD 45, min 10 to go) to view this special festival. The local guide will bring you to take local train to Karatsu station (around 1h). You will see the 14 huge floats called Hikiyama parade through the town. Join the crowds and immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere there.

JTB Guests Benefit! 40min PRIVATE ONSEN Session



Hirado – Sasebo 平戸 – 佐世保
Yumihari no oka or Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch or similar
After breakfast at the hotel, enjoy a morning of sightseeing at Hirado City. Hirado City was a foreign trading port town since Nara Period (AD710-794) and so, reminders of trades with European contributes to the spcial atmosphere of this City. Due to his interesting history.Hirado has many sights to be explored including various European-styled cathedrals and churches, exquisites temples and various trade sighs. Lunch would be at a local restaurant(Sashimi & Kamameshi).
After the sumptuous lunch, go on board the Kujukushima Pearl Queen Cruise (九十九島観光船) (50min). This cruise will take you through Kujukushima Islands. While “Kujukushima” literally translates to mean “99 Islanss”, in reality there are 208 beautiful islands in the area and the cruise would take you through 21 of these. Enjoy the breathtaking views offered from the deck of the cruise ship. Transfer to Sasebo (佐世保), second largest city in Nagasaki and romantic port town. Visit Huis Ten Bosch (ハウステンボス),one of the major theme parks that recreate European towns. A variety of seasonal flowers can be seen here too!
For 24 Sep departure, Huis Ten Bosch will have special Fireworks Display on that night. Be impressed by the spectacular fireworks light up the night sky.
Tonight, enjoy dinner at the hotel.


Sasebo – Yanagawa – Ibusuki 佐世保- 柳川 – 指宿 tohoku-small-icon
Ibusuki Hakusuikan or similar
Transfer to Yanagawa after breakfast at hotel, for Yanagawa River Cruise (柳川遊船). Leisurely glide along the surface of the canal and enjoy the beautiful scenery onboard a gondola-like Donko boat. The sound of the water and the scene of willow trees swaying create a peaceful atmosphere. After the cruise, head to lunch at a local restaurant (Unagi) before heading to Kurume Chuo Station. Take Shinkansen, to Kogoshima Chuo Station. Witness beautiful sceneries of Kyushu from onboard the Shinkansen. Afterwards, transfer to Ibusuki for hotel check-in. Ibusuki is famous for their Hot Sand Bath, which shall be enjoyed by you. With various health benefits, this experience will surely leave you relaxed. Tonight, enjoy Kaiseki dinner at the hotel.


Ibusuki – Fukuyama- Nichinan- Miyazaki 指宿 – 福山 – 日南 – 宮崎
Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort or similar
Transfer to Fukuyama (福山) town for a Black Vinegar farm-visit. Black vinegar, or Kurozu, is a specialty of this town Made from unpolished rice using the ‘jar-making method’, a natural method unique to this town only, these vinegars are considered superior in the world!You will get to enjoy the taste of authentic black vinegar at lunch (Black Port Steak with Black Vinegar). Headt to Nichinan(日南) after lunch, wich is located at the coastline of Kyushu. The brightly-panted Udo Shrine is set in a cave on the side of the cliff overloading the ocean,offering spectacular views. The Aoshima Shrine is on a small island just off the coast and ringed by write beaches, and said to bring luck to married couples Transfer to Miyazaki (宮崎) afterwards Tonight, enjoy Miyazaki Beef Dinner at a local restaurant.


Miyazaki – Kobayashi -Kumamoto 宮崎 – 小林 – 熊本
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto or ANA Crown Plaza or similar
This morning. travel to KobayaShi(小林) in Miyazaki to visit Ikoma Kogen(生駒高原). This beautiful plateau offers views of the mountains and valleys. It is famous as a flower plateau and you might be able to enjoy Cosmo Flowers-viewing! Enjoy a local delight for lunch at local restaurant (Miyazaki Local Grilled Chicken). Travel to Kumamoto after, to visit the spectacular Kumamoto Castle which is considered one of Japan’s premiere castle and offers a full castle experience This castle has been damaged many times in history but a few turrets still retain their original form and have been designed Important Cultural Properties status. Head over to Suizenji Garden(水前寺公園), a famous Japanse style landscape garden near the castle. Tonight, enjoy kaiseki dinner at a local restaurant (Kumamoto Local Kaiseki)


Kumamoto –Fukuoka 熊本 – 福岡
Hotel Okura Fukuoka or Nikko Fukuoka or similar
Transfer to Fukuoka after breakfast. Spend the day as you wish after hotel check-in at Fukuoka. Fukuoka is Kyushu’s largest city and is a product of the fusion between the port town Hakata. Offering endless options of food, entertainment, sights and shopping, Fukuoka will surely capture heart.


Fukuoka Airport – Singapore 福岡空港 -新加坡
After breakfast, transfer to Fukuoka Airport. Bid farewell to Kyushu as we proceed to the airpost and take the flight back to Singapore. We hope that you enjoyed this vacation with JTB and we look forward to helping you create your nect. Prefect Moments, always!¬


  • This tour package is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Minimum 20 persons are required to form a group. A Tour Manager will be with the group for the entire tour.
  • Accommodation is based on twin-sharing basis.
  • Activities available are subject to weather conditions.Package price does not include the associated taxes and surcharges, estimated at $390, subject to change.
  • Guide and driver service fee of JPY600 (Approx $6.6) per day (adult / child) is applicable.
  • Please approach our travel consultants for more details and other terms and conditions.
TEL: 65950600
ION Opening Hour
From 11:00am – 20:00pm daily
(Last enquiry @ 19:30pm)